Words To That Effect #25 | Dinosaurs (Palaeontology to Pyjamas)

In 1842 a Victorian anatomist looked at some unusual fossils and, noticing they had something in common, he decided we needed a word to describe these strange creatures. He called them dinosaurs.

Cut to the present day and there are dinosaurs in fiction, film, TV shows, songs, toys, and anything else you can possibly think of. Dinosaurs are beloved by children across the world, they form the centrepieces of internationally renowned museums, and there is nobody who doesn’t have an idea of what a dinosaur looks like.

How did we get here?

Episode 25 of Words To That Effect draws together science and fiction, palaeontology and children’s pyjamas, Jurassic Park and Gertie the Dinosaur, to explore dinosaurs in fiction and the cultural history of dinosaurs.

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