#16 | Irish Abroad – Argentina’s First Chipper & Cuan Greene

This week on With Relish, we are focusing on the Irish Abroad who are doing some quality stuff with food overseas. We are delighted to be joined by two great guests who are working with food in very different ways, and get an insight into their story so far.

First off, we are joined by the owner of South America’s first Irish Chipper. Susan Kennedy who originally hails from Sandymount in Dublin, spoke to Harry and Aoife about the struggles of setting up a business in Argentina, as well as the area’s growing seafood appetite.

Finally the guys welcomed a very special guest to the studio. Cuan Greene has established himself as one of Ireland’s leading young chefs in recent years.

He and Harry studied together in DIT before starting up their successful Dublin Pop Up venture. Now still extremely close pals, this interview looks at their culinary experience together, Cuan’s experience working as Chef De Partie for Noma as well as what it’s really like to holiday with Harry Colley in Mexico.

Cuan Greene Harry Colly - HeadStuff.org

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