#97 | What Am Sustainable Fashion?

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Why is sustainable fashion important? As a few previous guests have mentioned, humanity has not been very nice to this world. We’ve chopped down forests, poured piles of putrid waste into the oceans and burned so much condensed carbon that the earth is heating up faster than Steve’s BBQ.

So in the face of all this bad news, it’s time to start gathering the smart peoples who can tell us what how to live more sustainably. Sinead Kidao O’Sullivan is one of those!

Sinead has worked for years in the movie business, putting glad rags on the stars of movies like Beauty & The Beast and Little Women. She is also at the forefront of a movement that seeks to bring a more sustainable approach to making films and has literally written the book on how this can be done!

Richie and Lex Croucher (sans Steve) spoke with Sinead about her work and also about the little steps we can all take to make our super sexy threads a little less negatively impactful on the world.

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