#63 | Jaycee Lee Dugard

‘We all had that Geri Halliwell friend who was like ‘I think my parents are separating.’

This week we talk Jaycee Lee Dugard.

In a case that stunned the world, Jaycee Lee Dugard was a little girl abducted in broad daylight and never seen again until 18 years later when she was re-introduced to the world having borne two children to the man who had kidnapped and held her captive for nearly two decades.

The case defied all credulity when it emerged that there had been a catalogue of missed opportunities to rescue Jaycee, and a series of police and parole blunders had allowed her tormentors (Philip Garrido and his wife Nancy) to prolong their reign of terror and continue to hold this young girl in nightmarish conditions.

It was a visit to University of California Berkeley  campus that proved to be Philip Garredo’s undoing, with a special events officer informing authorities that the two young girls in Garredo’s presence appeared to have not been exposed to sunlight for a long time and were particularly ‘sullen and submissive’. What next emerged was beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations….

In other news, we talk toes, and lots of them, Geri Halliwell compulsive lying friends circa the late 90s, why you never kidnap people in convertibles and calling the cops cos your mate is a fantasist and why you should never pretend you have a serious illness unless you’re also prepared to produce some hard medical documentation.

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