#19 | Mike Tyson and The George Foreman Grill

We talk lisps, grilling at an angle, Mike Tyson, George Foreman and all things nineties fat reducing in this week’s explosive episode of Up To 90.
In the latest segment of ‘Shane Debates’, Emma and her partner come to verbal blows over multipacks: do they really taste different or should Shane just back the f*ck up? We talk ‘Pulling a Julie’ and murdering clutches; explain the mystery of last week’s shorter than usual episode and give shout outs to our loyal fans who accost us in the most fancy of places (generally fields and toilets).
Emma makes an explosive revelation-turns out Mike Tyson is her cousin (or something?) and so how could we not indulge her fantasies and look at the man himself.
Mike Tyson took the boxing world by storm in the nineties, becoming the youngest man to achieve Heavyweight champion at 20, but went on to become one of the most reviled men in sport when found guilty of rape in 1992. This massively controversial character was ubiquitous in popular culture throughout the decade despite this gargantuan fall from grace and we look at what made the man of the infamous lisp and facial tattoo so fascinating to the masses.
We also take a peek at the grill that secured George Foreman’s status as the second wealthiest boxer of all time – The George Foreman Grill, ‘so good he put his name to it’. The college cooker of choice became a firm favourite internationally when we embraced cheffing at a slant, but we ask the tough questions like: What do you do with the containers of fat? And – just how gross is Hulk Hogan?

For top grilling tips and advice re facial tattooing (top tip, surprise your lover with their initials right by your left eyebrow and watch them melt with all kinds of emotion! You’re welcome!), contact us @Upto90Podcast on Twitter and Instagram and GeorgeForeman.com.

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