The Week on Twitter | Strike4Repeal, International Women’s Day, & Rihanna

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This week, Ireland went on Strike4Repeal, the rest of the world celebrated International Women’s Day, and Rihanna looked well, as usual. It was also the two year anniversary of #YokeTuesday, when ecstasy and other drugs became temporarily legal in Ireland.

Ireland takes to the streets to #Strike4Repeal

On Tuesday, Ireland went on Strike4Repeal. Then Ireland rallied for repeal. And finally Ireland marched for repeal. According to the Irish Times, about two thousand people filled the streets of Dublin in a bid to force the government into triggering a referendum on the Eighth Amendment. According to the Gardai, about twenty thousand people filled the streets of Dublin in a bid to force the government into triggering a referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

How many people actually filled the streets of Dublin in a bid to force the government into triggering a referendum on the Eighth Amendment? Who can say for sure, but it was probably (definitely) more than two thousand, considering traffic on O’Connell bridge ground to a halt for hours, the march snaked all the way from the Garden of Remembrance to D’Olier street at its longest point, and far, far more than two thousand people are in favour of free, safe, and legal abortion in Ireland. So there.

Strike4Repeal was a success because it brought people together. It created a sense of solidarity that is not always overtly present in Ireland’s abortion discussion. It allowed people to come together, support each other, chant, shout, and scream for their rights. It also created a lot of hashtag fire signs. Because pro choice people in Ireland may be angry, but they can also pretty funny while they’re doing it.

The world celebrates #InternationalWomensDay #iwd2017

Tuesday marked International Women’s Day, the annual worldwide celebration and commemoration of the women’s rights movement. International Women’s Day has occurred on March 8th every year since the UN adopted it in 1975, embedding IWD with specific themes and goals each year.

This year, the IWD campaign asked people to #BeBoldForChange, and take action in any way they could to make the world a better place for women, trans women, and nonbinary people.

In the US, thousands rallied against Trump, the gender pay gap, restricted abortion access, and the Presidential administration’s second proposed immigration ban. ‘A Day Without a Woman’ became representative of events all around the States. People were encouraged to strike from work and wear red to emphasise the importance of women to the workforce in America.

We celebrate the 2 year anniversary of #YokeTuesday 

Two years ago, Ireland accidentally legalised yokes for a few days. Due to a loophole which found the criminalisation of the likes of ecstasy, crystal meth, and ketamine unconstitutional, the drugs became legal for 48 hours.

Eventually, emergency legislation was passed, everybody stopped taking pills, and life returned to normal. But not before the whole mess became known as #YokeTuesday. And as #YokeTuesday it will forever be remembered.

Twitter commemorated #YokeTuesday on Friday with pictures of Simon Harris blinking, and some lads going mad.

#Rihanna looks unreal, again

This week, Rihanna looked unreal. This is not news, as Rihanna always looks at least 78% unreal, proving time and time again that she is to good for this wretched world, and that we do not deserve her.

However, over the weekend, Rihanna’s Paper magazine shoot was released, and she looked especially unreal. Proof of which can be seen in a plethora of tweets below.

People on Twitter enjoyed Rihanna’s Paper shoot because it was incredible. She had purple hair. She was in a supermarket. Then she had green hair. It was great.

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