#14 | Karl Spain

In Episode 14 – recorded live at the Project Arts Centre as part of the Dublin Tiger Fringe – comedian Karl Spain shares the greatest story about a burger you will ever hear.

Karl has very strong opinions about Sex and the City. He’s currently on your screens as part of Celebrity Operation Transformation but you might recognise him from his work on shows like The Panel and Karl Spain Wants a Woman. Follow him on Twitter for information on his upcoming gigs.

Our thanks to our house band this episode, The Lie Ins. You can find them on Bandcamp and if you enjoyed their track, County Mayo, here’s their most recent single, Potatoes, in all its glory.

Alison does stand-up comedy all the time because there’s no money in it. You can see her upcoming gigs on her website, alisonspittle.com. See The Alison Spittle Show live at the Workman’s Club in Dublin on October 28th. Tickets on sale soon. Alison’s last time doing Alison Spittle Discovers Hawaii is Sunday January 22nd in Whelan’s. Come along.

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Theme tune by No Monster Club. Their new album, “I Feel Magic” is out now.


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