#56 | MayKay

The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 56 – MayKay

In Episode 56 – recorded at HeadStuff HQ – Alison and musician MayKay create the worst jingle known to mankind. They also talk about keeping your dignity when working in the entertainment industry, regretting jobs, being the protagonist in every story, Fight Like Apes, Le Galaxie, hot festival tips, The MayKay shandy, naturally occurring hot ciders, festival disasters and leopard-print disco pants.

Catch MayKay live with Le Galaxie at many great field venues this summer. Follow her on Twitter for information about upcoming gigs.

Big thanks to Kopparberg for being such a wonderful sponsor. We are delighted to announce that we will be celebrating Alison’s birthday in style this June 14th at Camden Backyard. As part of the takeover, there will be a live episode of The Alison Spittle Show with special guests James Kavanagh and Bradley Brock. Tickets here.

Alison Spittle does stand-up comedy all the time because there’s no money in it. See alisonspittle.com or her Twitter for the latest.

Thanks to HeadStuff.org for hosting our podcast. They have a Patreon page. Please support them.

Episode photo credit to the wonderful Molly Keane. Find more here.

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Theme tune by No Monster Club. Their new album, “I Feel Magic” is out now.

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