Spice Bags | Domini Kemp Interview

In this episode of Spice Bags we interview Dublin-based restaurateur, former Irish Times food columnist, and cookbook writer Domini Kemp. “Forty percent of Irish people were eating out twice or three times a week,” says Kemp. Obviously this is no longer the case. But even back in January 2020, before this country felt the impact of Covid-19, Kemp had foretold Irish restaurant closures.

We talk to Kemp about how she is handling these times. As the owner of a food business empire that survived the 2008 crash, she’s anxious. However, as a food author who has long championed creative, healthy home cooking, she’s excited that the Irish are in the kitchen once more.

What does Kemp predict for Irish restaurants’ future? How can we, as restaurant diners, help when the dust has settled? Plus, Kemp offers sanity tips for cooking while housebound and homeschooling, and explains why salt, butter, and anchovies are key.

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