Episode 78 – Peter Sheridan

Peter Sheridan is a playwright, Screenwriter and Director. His awards include the Rooney Prize for Literature. In 1980 he was writer in residence in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. He has written several novels including “Forty Seven Roses” and “Forty Four; Dublin Made Me” and plays including “The Liberty Suit” and “Mother Of All The Behans”. He wrote the pilot episode of the long running soap “Fair City” and he wrote and directed the film of Brendan Behan’s “The Borstal Boy” which was released in 2002. He is the brother of film director Jim Sheridan.

I made his acquaintance when the American violinist Deni Bonet was staying at his house while she was touring Ireland and I dropped in to say goodbye before she headed home. Peter and his wife Sheila invited me in for tea. As we sat around the table Peter regaled us with stories about Behan and Beckett. I knew he’d be a brilliant guest on the podcast and so here we are. Enjoy it.

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