Episode 83 – Paul Tylak

Paul Tylak is an actor/comedian/writer who recently starred in the film Halal Daddy and wrote and starred in the sketch show Stew with Paul Woodfull. He is a successful voice over artist who has worked on animations such as the movie All Creatures Big And Small and the TV series Ballybradan.

Myself and Paul go way back. We were a double act called The Quacksquad and wrote and acted in a sitcom called Flatheads. We also presented and acted in a series for TV3 called Messrs Tylak And Rooney. We chat about the old days and what made it difficult to continue working together i.e. what started out as just fun became a job with all the stresses that entails. It’s good we can still talk about that stuff though. Some double acts can’t even be in the same room!!

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