Episode 8 – David McSavage

This week on PODAROONEY, I chat with David McSavage. The Savage Eye is the best, if not the only, satirical comedy on Irish TV in the last decade. Although it is written by a team of writers surely it is David’s anger and resentment that is the driving force behind it. I first met David McSavage down in the old Laughter Lounge when it was basically a cinema with a bar turned into a comedy club. Like Eddie Izzard he started out as a busker and much of his material at the time involved audience interaction. I liked his spikiness and his willingness to play with the audience’s expectations and I respected his inclination to take risks that may not come off. Whenever you see David live you know you are going to see an event; it may be a brilliant insightful stream of consciousnesses or it may be a litany of self indulgent complaints but it will always be memorable. In this interview I tried to get to know David more than I did before; I hope I lifted the veil just a little bit.

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