Episode 45 – Live from the Stag’s Head 2

On Wednesday March 30th I recorded my second live PODAROONEY podcast upstairs in the Stags Head and the bill was chock-a-block with talented artistes. First up was the band Cronin with a moving version of The Wedding Present song Octopussy. Cronin are an indie band from Leeds/Mullingar/Drumlish who have recorded with Shane MacGowan. Actress/comedian and star of RTE’s Bridget and Eamonn, Sharon Mannion talked about Roscommon, learning to embrace being funny and trombones. Writer/comedian Paul Tylak talked about wanting to be lead singer in a band and our incredible first meeting involving water pistols. All three of us then improvised our take on a possible 2016 Rising. Cronin played their song In Loneliness Lives Love and David McSavage joined the band to improvise what sounded like an undiscovered Velvet Underground song about Solpadeine. We finished with a version of (A Message To You) Rudy. And that was our second live Pod-a-Rooney, tadaa!

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