Episode 44 – PJ Gallagher

This week on PODAROONEY, I chat with PJ Gallagher. One night upstairs in the International Bar Jason Byrne took to the stage and brought along a sidekick or wingman. It was PJ Gallagher. He barely said a word and Jason started putting elastic bands on his head. I can’t remember what reason he gave the audience for doing this or if he gave any reason at all but it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen live on stage. It wasn’t making a point or being clever. It was just funny the way Harpo Marx or Tommy Cooper are funny. PJ just has natural funny bones. This was years before the invention of Naked Camera characters like Jake Stevens or The Dirty Auld Wan which catapulted PJ into the public consciousness. He always wanted to just do stupid stuff just for the hell of it even back when he worked in a sound and lighting warehouse with Jason Byrne. At a time when it seems like a lot of up and coming comedians have their future careers mapped out on an Excel spreadsheet, for that alone he should be applauded.

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