Episode 38 – Anne Gildea

She is one third of the Nualas and three thirds of herself – Anne Gildea. I chat with her on PODAROONEY this week. I first got to know her as Kevin’s sister (as in Kevin Gildea). I was in London with the double act The Quacksquad performing as part of the Sense Of Ireland Festival. A load of comedians were in the hotel bar having a late drink and Anne and two other girls sang a song in three part harmony. I was very impressed; far too impressed to say hello anyway. I have bumped into her here and there over the years but I never really got to know her. Having recently read her book “I’ve got Cancer What’s Your Excuse?” I realised we had a similar background in that we grew up on farms, had a grumpy father and have an understanding of the varied personalities of cows. She is an actress, singer, stand up comedian and author. Most of all Anne Gildea is always three thirds Anne Gildea.


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