Episode 3 – Fred Cooke

This week on PODAROONEY, I talk to Fred Cooke. Fred is one of the all round nice guys in stand up comedy. He has a unique vulnerable charisma both on and off stage. His physicality and commitment to silliness is not contrived in any way and is laced with an emotional intelligence that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. If I wanted to spend a few days or weeks on tour with someone, Fred would be high on my list.

He’s also a great musician and we’ve worked together a couple of times on songs; funny songs that is. I think we should work together again if he’s up for it. We chatted for over an hour and it got a little dark I think but in a good way. I found out he is a former lifeguard and in fact grew up in a swimming pool before going to boarding school. Enjoy!

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