Episode 23 – Cathy Davey

This week on PODAROONEY, I chat with Cathy Davey. I met Cathy at The Electric Picnic after performing at her stage “My Lovely Ranch” which she set up to promote and collect donations for her charity “My Lovely Horse”. The charity rescues and looks after urban abandoned horses and dogs. The name comes from the fact that her partner Neil Hannon co-wrote the famous song from Father Ted with Graham Linehan. I’ve been a big fan of Cathy for years and particularly loved her last album The Nameless. I visited her at the house she shares with Neil and talked to her as she fed the chickens and checked on the horses and donkeys. I was amazed that she had put her music career on hold to concentrate on her charity work but am glad to find out she has a new album recorded and ready for release.


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