Episode 100 | Double Acts

In this my 100th PODAROONEY I chat to Paul Tylak, Patrick McDonnell and Paul Woodfull all of whom I have done double acts with.

With Paul Tylak I was in The Quacksquad. We also wrote and performed in Flatheads a short punky sitcom on RTE back in the eighties and co-wrote and presented Messers Tylak and Rooney on TV3. Paul has recently had major roles in the series The Informer on BBC and the film Halal Daddy.

With Patrick McDonnell I was in The Pound Shop Boys and am currently touring with him as the Culchie Warriors. Our sketches can be found on the Joe and Pat Facebook page. Patrick McDonnell has written for and acted in The Savage Eye and Naked Camera and more recently in The Tommy Tiernan Show.

With Paul Woodfull I was in The Hairy Bowsies. Paul has written for The musicals I, Keano and Copper Face Jacks. He is currently writing on the Father Ted musical.

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