Episode 120 – FiCat

On the latest episode of PODAROONEY Joe chats to FiCat.

Hailing from her native Dublin, FiCat’s musical creativity has taken her on an amazing journey. Recording in Nashville in 2011 allowed her to showcase her ability to infuse storytelling with succinct melodies. This ability led her to become lead singer of Irish pop outfit ‘Toy Soldier’, earning acclaim for her “soaring yet delicate” voice (GoldenPlec).

FiCat also wrote top-line melodies for an international advertising agency. Her catchy jingles can be heard in advertisements for some of the worlds leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Toyota and Pantene.

This exciting life journey from Nashville to Berlin and back to Dublin has given FiCat the inspiration to launch her brand new electro/melodic sound. FiCat has paired up with Irish based producer Diffly on her new single.

‘All My Love’ is a summer-drenched anthem that instantly evokes memories of your favourite music festival or that beach holiday we are all missing.

With more infectious tracks up her sleeve, 2020 looks likely to be a big year for FiCat.

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