Pints of Malt Trailer

The Pints of Malt podcast is brought to you by four Nigerian/Irish lads. Growing up in Ireland, Femi, Kenny, Charlie and Jibbz have endless stories of their childhood and upbringing. Being exposed to the two cultures (Nigerian and Irish) has meant the boys have had some unique experiences that will be teased out as the series progresses.

The name itself plays off their experience of two cultures. Maltina is a popular non-alcoholic Nigerian ‘malt’ beverage. And we all know the Irish aren’t shy to a pint or two.

Pints of Malt doesn’t take itself too seriously, you’ll be laughing along with the lads right from the start. Recalling stories about their childhood and growing up in Ireland, episodes will include their tales of school, holidays away and living in an African household. As well as anecdotes about not being able to swim and conspiracy theories about counties in Ireland, each episode is filled with joy and hilarity.

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