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Pints of Malt

Pints of Malt

The Pints of Malt podcast is brought to you by four Nigerian/Irish lads. Growing up in Ireland, Femi, Kenny, Charlie and Jibbz have endless stories of their childhood and upbringing. Being exposed to the two cultures (Nigerian and Irish) has meant the boys have had some unique experiences that will be teased out as the series progresses.

Pints of Malt #55 | Hit vs Hit

This week on Pints of Malt: following from the French Montana’s statement that he could go head to head with Kendrick Lamar when it came to hits, we decided to have our own Hit vs Hit for them. We also have sound clashes for Nicki Minaj vs…

Pints of Malt #50 | LIVE SHOW!

We have our live show episode for you this week. The live show was held at the Podcast Studios here in Dublin. The special topic was around Valentine’s Day where we discussed our best and worst valentines gestures and much more with our…

Pints of Malt #49 | Shag Bands

This week we discuss the joys of the Big Big Movie and take a look at Pastors that are now doing David Blaine routines. We also play a new game you don’t want to miss. We hope you enjoy it! #PintsOfMalt ? Make sure to follow us on Twitter…