#18 | Halloween Special: Peter McGann, Sophie Shanley, Laura O’Leary, Finbarr Doyle

In this Phoning It In ‘Spooktacular’, Dave chats with callers who have encountered ghosts, poltergeists and banshees. He also talks to Padraic who met a vampire in The Workmans and Gavin who is possessed by a demon. Dave is joined in studio by expert in UFO abductions, Joan Weir who had a romantic relationship with an extra terrestrial.


Phoning It In is a hilarious improvised phone-in show. Each week, host Dave Coffey fields a collection of calls from a bunch of cranks, oddballs and weirdos. Dave is joined in studio by regular guests who will lend some ‘expert’ advice to the callers. This weekly podcast features some of Ireland’s best comedians and improvisers who have (literally) no idea what they’re getting themselves into – until their host introduces them on air.

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