#35 | John Doran, Erin McGathy, Aoife Spratt, Meg Healy

On this week’s show, Dave discusses the topic of ‘young offenders’ with Tom, who was a young offender back in his youth; Mary a sixteen-year-old who’s been in trouble with the police; Garda Sergeant Hugh Jankles; and Child Psychiatrist Dr Poppy Cox. Dave also chats with returning caller Trish, whose boss is trying to fatten her up, and Des, who is having trouble with his job at a petrol station. Dave is joined in studio by Anita Mann, a former ‘model’ turned Hollywood movie star, who’s promoting her rather unusual charitable foundation.

This week’s guests on Phoning It In: John Doran, Erin McGathy, Aoife Spratt, Meg Healy

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