Jade Hayden

Jade Hayden has an MA in journalism, a degree in English, and a house rabbit who sleeps in her bed sometimes. You'll often find her wearing glasses, fixing her fringe, and complaining about the amount of time she spends on public transport. Jade is also the editor of HeadStuff's topical section, and she'd love if you sent your submissions over to [email protected]

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Joe Rooney

Joe Rooney is a stand up comedian best known for his role as Father Damo in the Channel Four series Father Ted. He has also acted and written for the RTE series Killinascully, Red Rock (TV3), Roy (BBC), the feature film South and on the stage in The Shawshank Redemption (Edinburgh Fringe) and The Chastitute (Gaiety Theatre). As a stand up he has performed in cities worldwide including Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai, Chicago, Toronto, Barcelona and Bangkok.

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Up To 90

Up To 90 is your go-to podcast for all things 90s. Hosted by Emma Doran and Julie Jay, get ready for weekly chats about anything and everything 90s related.

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Paddy O'Leary

Paddy O'Leary is a ginger maths nerd, movie buff and TV addict who has a BSc in Experimental Physics and Applied Mathematics, and a PhD in 'chilling out, watching shit'. He tweets @paddy99a.

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Kevin Burke

Kevin got so addicted to music at an early age that he had to get his many years of enjoyment down onto paper, not just a way to escape his wife and four children although they have learned to accept they do come second to a record player. The family man from Trim, County Meath has digested all genres from 50s rockabilly to late 70s punk, through 80s new wave, grunge and beyond, he doesn’t so much see himself as a writer more of a sound archaeologist sharing the wonderful music he discovers along the way.

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Ged Murray

Ged Murray is a Dublin based filmmaker. 'Filmmaker' was the No.1 option on a school career aptitude test. No. 2 was 'Pig Unit Operator'. His short film 'Small Time', starring Alan Stanford, won Irish and International awards and played at Palm Springs. He is currently found co-directing music videos as half of 'Spiceburger'.

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Fireside is the new Irish Storytelling Podcast. Kevin C. Olohan is your host and Fireside Bard. Every Wednesday, Kevin takes a story from Folklore or Mythology, gives it a fresh retelling, and discusses the story itself and the craft, culture and history of Storytelling. Whether you’re a folklore fanatic, or someone who just enjoys hearing a good yarn, you can always join Kevin by the Fireside. Available on all Podcast apps.

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Cian McGarrigle

Cian McGarrigle is a TV writer, a comedian and host of Reviewables.

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Alison Spittle

Alison is a comedian, she's been on RTE's Comedy Bites and Republic of Telly. She's giving everything a go.

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