Ciaran Conliffe

Ciaran lives in Belfast, where he programs professionally and writes compulsively. See more of his writing and blogging at or follow him on Twitter as @shinyemptyhead.

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Alan Maguire

Alan Maguire is the co-host of the HeadStuff Podcast Network podcasts Juvenalia and Roast Chestnuts and the creator of Not The RTÉ Guide (@YourRTÉGuide). He has two dogs and used to live in a ghost estate but they finished it off eventually so this part of his bio is irrelevant now.

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Dave Hanratty

Dave Hanratty is a freelance writer and occasional drummer. His work has appeared in Drowned In Sound, Hot Press, State Magazine and others. He tweets @HanrattyDave.

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Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett was a stand-up comedian for a while and during that time he toured with David O'Doherty and Maeve Higgins and did well in some competitions and co-ran Schnitzel Comedy Club. Then he started writing fiction and it has been published in several literary magazines and anthologies including 30 Under 30 which Joseph O'Connor chose as one of his books of the year for The Irish Times. He received a Masters with first class honours in creative writing from UCD and a BA in fine art painting from LSAD. Now he's working on getting his novel on, and being in charge of

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Jade Hayden

Jade Hayden has an MA in journalism, a degree in English, and a house rabbit who sleeps in her bed sometimes. You'll often find her wearing glasses, fixing her fringe, and complaining about the amount of time she spends on public transport. Jade is also the editor of HeadStuff's topical section, and she'd love if you sent your submissions over to [email protected]

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Suzanne Kane

Suzanne Kane is a broadcaster who has worked for some of the most prominent radio stations in the country. She’s also a regular panellist on TV3’s Elaine show. Most recently, she has become a familiar face on TV3’s Saturday and Sunday AM. Along with her radio and television roles, Suzanne teamed up with top Irish comedian PJ Gallagher to host Dubland The Podcast, which has reached number one on the iTunes comedy chart with subscribers all over the world. The pair have a live show planned later this year.

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Mark Conroy

Mark Conroy is a writer for HeadStuff who mostly covers matters involving music, film and anything in between. He has a degree in English with History in UCD and is currently studying for a Masters in Journalism at Dublin College University.

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Paddy O'Leary

Paddy O'Leary is a ginger maths nerd, movie buff and TV addict who has a BSc in Experimental Physics and Applied Mathematics, and a PhD in 'chilling out, watching shit'. He tweets @paddy99a.

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Niamh Mongey

Niamh is a very serious investigative journalist, hence the magnifying glass. Twitter: @niamh_mongey

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Stephen Porzio

Stephen is currently in his final year of a degree in English and Film in UCD. He hosts a movie based radio program entitled Hot Prospects on UCD's Belfield F.M. It is broadcast throughout the semester on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. He also writes for a blog entitled Porzio's Portfolio where he discusses TV and film.

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