NO ENCORE #119 | Where The Chorus?

NO ENCORE returns to its sole OG Trio format for the first time in two months somehow, as Craig wraps up his hectic college run, Colm keeps time like a boss and Dave gets excited about the World Cup.

On the pod this week; a sad and sudden passing, an important new album from Kanye West and Kid Cudi, a typically wild news agenda and a handful of hot new tunes to assess.

ACT ONE: Craig Fitzpatrick, now officially a Master.

ACT TWO: Nile Rodgers remembered, Ariana Grande celebrated, Jeremy Corbyn embarrassed, 30-year-olds questioned and Eminem under fire.

ACT THREE: Kids See Ghosts sometimes.

ACT FOUR: Songs of the Week with Interpol, Spritualized, Smashing Pumpkins, We Cut Corners and Villagers.

EXIT MUSIC: Silverbacks – ‘Dunkirk’

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