One day earlier than usual, it’s NO ENCORE~! End-of-Year SZN looms but Dave and Craig still have some important current affairs to take care of; chiefly the latest album from Miley Cyrus, a batch of piping hot news items and another Top 5 showdown. Inspired by the lady Cyrus, it’s all about Best Cover Songs this week. Get involved.

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ACT ONE: Preamble.

ACT TWO (8:22): Spotify’s data dump dominates the news section, Nick Cave won’t leave it alone, Billie Eilish does the Vanity Fair thing (again), Wes Borland weighs in on the whole ‘Are Deftones nu metal?’ debate, and plenty more.

ACT THREE: (30:30): Miley Cyrus returns with Plastic Hearts, her seventh studio album. Is it finally time to recognise her as a great American songwriter?

ACT FOUR (48:16): From the obvious to the obscure, Dave and Craig assemble their shouts for the very best in the world of musical covers. There’s even some singing, why not.

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