#123 | Quarantine Sessions 1: Tír na nÓg

We had some very fine plans for Season 3, but, like the best laid schemes of mice and men, they have “gang aft agley” (been ruined) by external events. We have been fortunate that the team is all doing well and we send our best wishes to our listeners around the world and their loved ones at this time.

In this week’s episode, Peadar and Darach consider how rapid change and displacement are represented in Irish mythology. The story of Tír na nÓg is one of the best known in the Irish canon, one which hinges on loneliness, homesickness and how people and places quickly change. What was the deal with Oisín’s mother? What monk snuck the religious conversion in? And how many Niamhs did you know growing up?

Welcome to the quarantine sessions. We’ve missed you.

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