Hello HeadStuff Readers, (assuming you are a HeadStuff reader and therefore you appreciate what we do…)

We’re coming at you today in the hope of leveraging that appreciation into, what we believe, a noble cause. Yes, it is our intention to crowbar our way into your wallets and change purses to help us in our quest to take over the world. But please, before hitting that X on your browser tab, take a minute to hear us out.

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Monetising a website is hard. You know that to be true. As laid out in our recent piece on the cost of journalism, it takes a lot of clicks to earn real money. We know how to make a site that rakes in traffic – become a content mill that churns out post after post after post. Slap clickbait headlines on a few, maybe a slideshow here and there. At HeadStuff, we don’t want to do that. Our editors only sign off on posts that they believe are truly superb. We don’t believe in #content. Good writing is our ethos. But that’s no way to get rich.

Like a lot of indie websites, our contributors all work on a voluntary basis. We desperately want to pay them for their efforts, even if it’s just enough for a round of drinks on the weekend. So that’s why we’re announcing our intent to give all money brought in through crowdfunding website Patreon to our glorious contributors. Hitting our first goal of €2,000 per month (achievable right now if less than 1 percent of our monthly readers pledged their support) would allow us to pay about €20 per article, and we’ll try to increase the pay from there. The costs attached to run the website, we’ll source from other places.

We know, we know. Paying for things you don’t have to is a drag. But it’s simple economics: if you like what our contributors do, please consider pledging just a small amount of money per month so they can be rewarded for it. Plus, they can tell their parents they’re actually paid professionals, saving them many a talking to about their life goals. On their behalf, we thank you.