HeadStuff Lectures Sligo, Cairde Festival, Hawk's Well Theatre, Gearoid Farrelly - HeadStuff.org

Price: €14

Time: 8pm

Place: Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo

HeadStuff Lectures presented by Gearóid Farrelly

Talks About Stuff You Didn’t Think You’d Care About…

HeadStuff Lectures is going on the road for the first time! We are heading out west, to Sligo, the one and only. Join M.C. Gearoid Farrelly for a fun night of ‘Lectures’ with wonderful speakers talking passionately about different topics. They could be about frog memes or democratic revolutions. They could also be about Erwin Schrodinger or Paris Hilton. Or anything in between…

HeadStuff Lectures is not mass, not school and definitely not Ted Talks.

Thurs 12 July, 8pm Price €14


Fascinated podcast with Gearoid Farrelly, HPN, comedy, culture, interviews - HeadStuff.org

Listen to host of HeadStuff Lectures, Gearoid Farrelly’s podcast, Fascinated.

Latest episode:

In 2010 Chely Wright became the first major country music star to come out as gay.

In this episode Gearoid talks to Chely Wright about the struggle to be authentic and the price you pay when you are not. Since the age of 4 Chely has wanted to be a country music star. At 18 she moved to Nashville to follow her dream. Her dreams came true and she achieved more success than she had ever dreamed. But in her personal life Chely was struggling. She was secretly gay and this was at odds with her profession and her religion.

In 2007 she almost paid the ultimate price but instead decided to honestly tell her story. A secret three year plan was put in place for Chely to come out to the world. The process was documented in her multi award winning documentary ?Wish Me Away?.

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