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Wrap Chat is the Irish Film Industry Podcast, presented by Paul Butler Lennox and Paul Webster.

It is a show about and for Irish filmmakers. We endeavour to bring you regular interviews with the most exciting voices working in the Irish Film and Television industries, from Directors and Producers to Actors and Casting Agents to Editors and Cinematographers.

Wrap Chat is available on, iTunes, Stitcher and wherever you get your podcasts.

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#30 | Pierce Ryan | Screenwriter

Pearce Ryan writes stuff. He also misses the Arcade/Amusements in his home town of Tramore. We sat down for a quick chat about his work and what Hugo Weaving does be talking about in between takes. Pierce is an Irish screenwriter from…

#28 | Jessie Fisk | Producer

FNI Wrap Chat #28 | Jessie Fisk Earlier this year, producer Jessie Fisk, established her production company, Feline Films with her creative partner Nathalie Biancheri. They are currently developing their first fiction feature, Wolf, which…

#27 | Lee Cronin | Writer/Director

FNI Wrap Chat #27 | Lee Cronin Lee Cronin is a Dublin based award winning Writer/Director who works in both Film and Television. Cronin's debut feature The Hole in the Ground starring Seana Kerslake, which was produced by Savage Productions…

#25| JJ Rolfe | Cinematographer

This time on FNI WRAPCHAT We've Irish DOP, JJ Rolfe. We chatted all things camera, his role on productions and the importance of team building, loyalty and collaboration as an ethos in Film and TV. JJ shot the new Irish feature Dublin Old…

#24 | Nathan Nugent | Editor

FNI Wrap Chat # 24 | Nathan Nugent Nathan is an Editor whose work you'd know well. From Tv to Documentary to Oscar nominated Feature film. We were delighted to sit down for a chat with Nathan Nugent, about his life in Irish Film and Tv and…