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Wrap Chat is the Irish Film Industry Podcast, presented by Paul Butler Lennox and Paul Webster.

It is a show about and for Irish filmmakers. We endeavour to bring you regular interviews with the most exciting voices working in the Irish Film and Television industries, from Directors and Producers to Actors and Casting Agents to Editors and Cinematographers.

Wrap Chat is available on, iTunes, Stitcher and wherever you get your podcasts.

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#68 | Chiara Viale | Director

Chiara Viale is an Italian born writer director and producer in love with Ireland. After obtaining a degree in English as a Foreign Language and Literature in Milan, she went on studying screenwriting in Dublin and began making films in…

#63 | Edwina Forkin | Producer

On this week's Wrap Chat joining Paul Webster is vastly experienced Irish producer Edwina Forkin. Edwina Forkin, is one of the most positive and engaging people working in Irish Film and TV, Edwina is is an Irish Film Producer and the…