#53 | Ruan Magan | Director

Award-winning writer, producer and director Ruán Magan joins FNI Wrap Chat this week.

His recent credits include The Irish Revolution Narrated by Cillian Murphy,  the critically acclaimed comedy drama series, Wrecking The Rising; 1916 – The Irish Rebellion, the multi-award winning documentary narrated by Liam Neeson, which reached audiences of 40 million worldwide during 2016 and the play, And Spring Shall Come, play exploring WW1 through poetry. He directed The Men Who Built America (Double Emmy-winner), Waterloo’s Warriors, (Gold Prize at World Media Awards 2016) and Angel, (winner Milan International Film Festival 2013) and edited and produced Banaz – A Love Story (Emmy winner and Peabody Award winner 2013). Ruán was honoured to receive an Outstanding Contribution Award from Screen Directors’ Guild of Ireland in 2014.

He directed and filmed his first documentary in 1996 featuring his brother, the writer, Manchán Magan (Brandon books),the beginning of a long collaboration during which they made over 60 documentaries filmed across the planet, in India, North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and China. Critically acclaimed, many of these documentaries have been transmitted internationally.

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