#51 | Paul Duane/Nick Franco | Director/Producer

On the latest episode of FNI Wrapchat the Pauls talk to Paul Duane and Nick Franco in the HeadStuff Podcast Studio.

Paul Duane is an Irish-born writer and director of television and film.

Has directed television programmes including:  Ballykissangel, Casualty, The Royal, Small Potatoes, Footballer’s Wives

He has also made several short films including LSD 73!, based on an original script by the Irish novelist Patrick McCabe. More recently he co-created the ITV series Secret Diary of a Call Girl based on the well-known blog, Belle de Jour. The Irish production company Screenworks was established by Paul Duane and Rob Cawley in 2008. Their first production, Barbaric Genius, on the life of the London-Irish author John Healy premiered in February 2011.

Recent films include Very Extremely Dangerous and Natan, about the French producer Bernard Natan. His latest Documentary Film “What Time is Death?” was screened at this years Virgin Media Dublin Film Festival.

Nick Franco: Producer

Nick set up 1185 films in 2003 and has worked across a range of genres as director and producer. His organizational skills with crews & shoots have been in great demand for people planning difficult jobs in Africa & Eastern Europe, and his understanding of post-production allows him to know better than many producers how to create a sensible & economic workflow from the shoot to the finished DCP. Nick’s attention to detail extends through from initial concept through production, delivery and ROI. Nick believes that everything created must have value.

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