#48 | John Butler | Writer/Director (Papi Chulo)

On today’s FNI Wrap Chat is the very sound John Butler.

John Butler speaks candidly about earning his stripes in the USA, the ups and downs of Film and TV, and how unlocking his potential paved the way to emotional truth in his work.  Touching on his experiences and reminiscing on how two green horn Paddy’s convinced Pro Poker players, Cowboys and lowlifes to take part, in search of the perfect Doc.

John Butler is an Irish IFTA award-nominated film director, screenwriter and novelist. His work includes the very successful films The Stag (2013) Handsome Devil (2016) Butler also created the IFTA-winning TV sketch show Your Bad Self (2010) and wrote the novel The Tenderloin.

His latest Film “Papi Chulo” was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival back in late 2018 and opens up the Virgin Media Dublin Film Festival next week, There’s two screenings on Wed, at half six or 9pm. Get your tickets now.  The film, centres on a A lonely Gay TV weatherman that strikes up an unconventional friendship with a middle-aged Latino migrant worker.

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