#42 | Mary Kate and Rachel O’Flanagan | Script Editors/Story Consultants/Writer

On the FORTY SECOND episode of FNI Wrap Chat are Mary-Kate and Rachel O’Flanagan; The Amazing O’Flanagan Sisters

Rachel is a story consultant who works across the business and arts industries. She works with teams and individuals in Ireland, the UK and Germany to develop visual storytelling and audience engagement. She has worked on a wide range of television and film productions ensuring that scripts communicate the writer’s vision, connect with audiences and achieve commercial, as well as artistic, success.

Rachel works with her sister and colleague Mary Kate as A Dramatic Improvement and they have designed and delivered training workshops in visual storytelling for the Irish Writers Centre; Film Base; Screen Training Ireland and the advertising industry via IAPI.

In 2014/2015 they were lead tutors and writing mentors at Y Labordy an initiative funded by S4C, Film Wales Literature Wales and the Royal Theatre of Wales

Rachel and Mary Kate design and deliver workshops exploring the applications of storytelling in business. They are particularly interested in the role of storytelling in leadership, branding, change management, team building and knowledge transfer. They are uniquely positioned to build bridges between the skills of storytelling and the needs of businesses to connect with their audiences.

Mary Kate O’Flanagan

Mary Kate trained in the craft of screenwriting with the professors of screenwriting at The University of Southern California. She has worked as a tutor alongside her former professors for the last ten years. She has continued to be mentored by them, in particular David Howard, author of The Tools of Screenwriting. She is a guest tutor at the Czech Film School FAMU and The National Film School in Ireland as well as a lead tutor on pan-European programmes.

In the last year she has given intensive workshops and lectures on screenwriting in Prague, London, Cologne, Pilzen, Valletta as well as Dublin, Cork and Galway. She has also given workshops in Africa. She specialises in giving in-depth training to aspiring screenwriters from diverse backgrounds.

Mary Kate is a working writer who has written six feature-length screenplays, all of which have been funded by The Irish Film Board and subsequently optioned, currently in development. She holds an MA in Screenwriting, has won pan-European awards for her screenwriting, is a published short story writer and Ireland’s Grand Slam Champion Storyteller at The Moth. Mary Kate is also a Grand Slam Champion Storyteller at THe Moth in LA. You can hear her story here: themoth.org/stories/carry-him-shoulder-high

Mary Kate and Rachel have lived in several European countries and are particularly interested in screen stories that transcend borders.

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