Ep 21: Where Are They Now? with Jo Youle from Scarlet / CEO of Missing People

Jo Youle has lived two lifetimes. In the 90s she was part of the band Scarlet who had a massive hit with the song “Independent Love Song”. Her life was writing and recording music and a whirlwind of promotion, photoshoots and the terrifying prospect of playing live to huge audiences.

Alongside her music career Jo also worked as a volunteer at the Samaritans. Scarlet’s pop stardom ended, after their ill-fated second album. Jo continued volunteering at the Samaritans and then went on to become a director of Helplines at Missing People;  a UK charity which is a lifeline when someone disappears. In 2012 she became the organisation’s Chief Executive.

As well as having a very unusual career path, chatting with Jo was fascinating because of her passion and commitment to her work.

For more information about missing people


I Hope – Missing People Choir and Friends



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