EP Review | Bang Bang Romeo – Shame On You

UK trio Bang Bang Romeo’s astonishing EP Shame On You is a delightful taster into their music. The five-track EP features the title-track ‘Shame On You’, ‘Cemetery’. ‘Adore Me’, ‘Bag Of Bones’, and ‘Chemical’.

Anastasia Walker delivers her powerhouse vocals on ‘Shame On You’ as she sings, “I can’t keep my hands to myself, you’re my favourite worst decision, you’re no good for my health,” over Richard Gartland’s groovy six strings and Ross Cameron’s 60’s atmospheric rich textured instrumental. As the EP’s opener, the infectious chorus adds more flavouring with the melancholic lyricism and anthemic melodies.

‘Cemetery’ is an uplifting, positive track. They have a huge sound that is completely mind-blowing.

‘Adore Me’ has a fascinating instrumentation with solid drumming and euphoric guitar lines combined with Stars’ soaring vocal finesse.

‘Bag of Bones’ is an empowering track that reflects on identifying self-love and worth.

Bang Bang Romeo’s closing track ‘Chemical’ showcases the band’s amazing ability to capture pure emotion and convey them in a relatable way. The anthemic rock track discusses the idea that love is a chemical reaction; the feeling rises above all else, but is truly a rollercoaster. It perfectly displays an honest account in their opinion which can relate to almost anyone. Like the rest of the collection, Anastasia’s voice is just incredible; the blue-drenched powerhouse vocals along with the driving percussion and the epic guitar number ends the EP on a high.

Each track is great with amazing and big vocal hooks combined with atmospheric soundscapes. They successfully capture a unique 60’s vibe on the powerful tracking list drawing inspiration from the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins and Fleetwood Mac, but adding their own with a modern moody twist.

Bang Bang Romeo is fronted by powerhouse vocalist Anastasia “Stars” Walker, guitarist Ross Cameron, and drummer Richard Gartland. The band is driven and motivated for female-fronted bands in a male dominated industry, as well as giving strength and a voice to the LGBTQ community.

The band have been working the chart-topping producers for their forthcoming debut album, due to be released this October.

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