Upcoming Referendums: A Leaked Timeline, In Order of Priority

LEAKED: Government timeline for upcoming referendums, in order of priority

2017: Referendum on granting Irish emigrants voting rights in presidential elections

2018: Referendum on what to do now that Irish emigrants have voted chicken fillet rolls for President

2019: Referendum on what do we think about the Scottish referendum

2022: Referendum on pronunciation: Scones vs. Scons

2025: Referendum on what to do about GAA lads

2027: Referendum on whether there was room for Jack on that door (30th anniversary special)

2040: Referendum on the internment without trial of Cian Twomey

2058: Referendum on secession of Roscommon from the republic

2072: Referendum on who is more endangered; white men or the Yangtze giant softshell turtle

2095: Referendum on Ireland formally withdrawing from Eurovision

2110: Referendum on official state enquiry into Whatever Happened to Don Conroy?

2132: Referendum on whether we should bring back the Wrangler Top Thirty Hits

2155: Referendum on how many podcasts is too many podcasts

2168: Referendum on Tayto vs. King

2173: Referendum on best Fair City character of all time

2197: Referendum on whether you can ever truly be over an ex

2220: Referendum on worst Irish name (male)

2230: Referendum on worst Irish name (female)

2254: Referendum on best sandwich filling

2275: Referendum on the true meaning of Christmas

2282: Referendum on whether it was Sheila Connolly your mother saw down from her at Mass

2294: Referendum on the SoSueMe highlighter palette

2301: Referendum on extending human rights to tin whistles

2310: Referendum on right to bodily autonomy for badgers

2317: Referendum on repealing the Eighth Amendment*

* Pencilled in for the year 2317 but we’ll see.

Main Image via IrishPost

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