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Please ensure that the guidelines are fully inspected.
Unpublished work only, previously published accepted.
Hard copies only, no hard copies accepted.
In all other formats your work will be rejected.

We can’t see our way to but thank you for sending.
Best of luck with your writing, we like what you’re saying.
That poem was great. Any more in that style?
We’re thinking a series. Can you send on a file?

Oh, thank you for saying, why you’re so very kind.
I’ll send my best poems if you’re still so inclined.
So, I sift through the trash that I wrote at the start,
when my words tried too hard to be funny and smart.

One last glance, one last edit, one last chance to re-hash.
‘You’ve got nothing to lose’ they say, ‘give it a lash’.
Change the font style to Goudy, size 12, I’m all set.
It looks more professional, so I’ve read on the ‘net.

Please find attached, as requested, also please bear in mind,
I’m your most loyal subscriber, did I mention how kind.?
No rush in replying, I think you will find
I’m proficient at waiting and at being declined.

So Dull

When did we stop running outside to play?
We’re all so busy now, rushing to stay
Still, when did we learn to not say what we mean?
Or mean what we say-
I want to come clean.

Why do we think we have to act tough?
Blind to the wonder of all the small stuff.
When did we grow inhibitions?
I want to give back all of mine.

Why do we worry if people will stare?
I want to wear ribbons and bows in my hair.
When did we decide self-restraint was a virtue?
I want to blow bubbles-
Titter at ‘fart‘ and ‘poo‘.

When did we stop believing in magic?
The fairies living under our beds.
The power switched from the magic wands in our hands
to the bogeyman inside our heads.

Why do we worry if people will care?
I want to eat ice-cream for breakfast,
So there!

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