Dubland | This Worm Has Backflipped Its Way Into The Grave

We start with a heartfelt ode to Lilo, PJ’s amazing dog. Then PJ’s bank woes. The Young Offenders is back! Suzanne has been watching I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and she is trying to support Andrew Maxwell, but is struggling a little bit. Would either Suzanne or PJ go into the jungle? You’ll find out in this episode! The Dubland team gives you tax advice for the self employed and then PJ has his first McDonald’s in years. There’s paper in my mouth, I don’t like it. Yes, Suzanne is still on the straw rampage. And then, something else that crept into modern life… maybe even worse than the thing about straws? … what is it? It’s all in this episode!

There’s also talk about the Irish language and of course a bit on Prince Andrew.
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