Dubland | Rob The Bank, Pet The Dog

Dubland starts this week with some ACTION as Suzanne decorates the brand new studio with some fresh coffee. PJ commentates and then the hard sell begins – Dubland needs a sponsor! If you can help, get in touch. The serious business of the episode begins with talk of crisps and butter knives. Nobody wants to talk, that’s the theory of the week, on this podcast, in which two people sit in a room and…

It’s over three weeks into the new year and PJ is still finding ways to moan about Christmas. There’s an absolutely legendary Hero of The Week.

The tractors suffer the wrath of Suzanne, despite her attempts at a positive January. The reaction to this elicits a public apology, which is just about as heartfelt as it could be.

Irish politics gets the Dubland going over. Looks lads, it’s an episode of Dubland, dive in and enjoy!

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