Dubland | I’ve Got Bread and Cheese

After a short review of the previous episode of Dubland, Suzanne and PJ move on to discuss PJ’s total lack of social life. This leads to his interaction with his good-looking neighbour. Which of course leads to talk of him moving house, and more mortgage chat, and then a mid-episode plea to a financial expert (a future episode).
Everyone in Ireland knows someone who knows someone else who lives in Ireland. This isn’t the case in the UK or other big countries. Suzanne raises her fears of the countryside again (it’s dark)… there’s some stuff about same sex marriage in Ireland, including a Hero of the Week. There’s an upcoming General Election in Ireland, of course this sets the Dublanders off.
There’s a new Suzanne Kane, she doesn’t give a toss, and PJ is a big fan! Oh there’s also talk of a “hot” candle.

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