Dubland | It Takes Two Years To Break In A Pair of Cacks

The mint milkshakes from McDonald’s turned kids green and Sunny D made them orange. Good for bereavement though, which is something. PJ confesses his love for “Dallas” and Funderland. The episode is a nostalgia fest for the first while. There’s breaking news on the word ‘Culchie’. They serve the wrong chips in Lahinch but overall it’s a great place altogether, down in the Clares. The pair of love gurus talk about relationships and sexuality and sort it all out once and for all. PJ turns into a classic barfly and Suzanne wades briefly into the battle of big financial tech. Hotel breakfasts in the time of the so-called New Normal, the good, the bad and the ugly of buffet or not systems. The age old question of what is better, Sex or a Cup of Tea, is finally answered, conclusively. The saga of PJ vs Gym continues. Socks, odd socks, 20 year old underwear and how it takes two years to break in a pair of cacks. Sports fans in their full kits on tour. Dubland keeps the world spinning and sorts it all out as it goes, don’t even worry about it, buy a t-shirt, good luck!

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