Dubland 112

Dubland 112 starts with a dramatic update on the fate of PJ’s stolen motorbike. PJ is also confirmed as a Thug on Irish language TV show, Ros Na Rún, and he’s the poster boy for local football club Bohemian’s new jersey. There commences a long conversation about musicians, image rights and Ireland gigs for international stars. Suzanne and PJ receive a nice present from a dear listener. Suzanne hurts Alan’s (producer) brain with her reluctance to believe very basic science. They move onto safer ground and begin to discuss cartoons from the 80s and 90s, when they were great, PJ sings the best cartoon theme tune of all time. To be honest they kind of lose themselves in a pit of nostalgia and begin to sound like bitter old people. They move onto the presidential election… look it’s a good episode, just listen to it.

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Anyway, enjoy!

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