Dubland 85

85 Dubland begins with the promise of a Dubland Instagram account and an incredible fan email – thanks Amy! Then PJ’s flute comes out and he tries to talk to everyone and anyone nearby, also, he’s decided to be a style icon, so shopping in London and wearing Gucci runners in the dole queue. PJ reads lines for a western movie that he’s hoping to get the role of ‘ugliest bastard in the west’ in. Suzanne and PJ answer the question of whether or not you can play disabled characters, or take the piss, if you’re not disabled yourself. Talk moves on to what makes the GAA great and they decide to drop themselves in it and pledge to raise the money to send the Dublin Ladies GAA Football team on holidays! There’s a quick mention of the dirty donkey, who isn’t same as Vivienne Westwood’s husband who washes himself twelve times per year, and there’s talk of a professional cuddler. This is the impassable podcast.

Let us know if you’re in London and you’d like to see a Dubland Live Show!

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