Dubland 84

84 Dubland, in which Suzanne and PJ celebrate a sort of anniversary and PJ stuffs his face with chocolate and anything else in reach. This fuels him well for his reaction to the Tom Petty news. In the first episode since the glorious live show, Dubland dives deep into the abortion debate, online bullying and how these conversations tend to dance around the fringes of the important details. PJ admits he shouldn’t be a father because he’s a self-indulgent, little petulant bastard in a forty-two year old body. They eventually stop talking about babies and move on to giving out about Leo Varadkar… there’s a definite ‘no feeling’ there. There’s also the Netflix show coming out in a thousand years time about Catalonia, the dog fighter fighting for canine bliss, the Las Vegas massacre, Kim Kardashian out-intellectualising The President of the United States of America, Nazis taking a footing in Germany once again and the global call for space aliens – we need ye lads.

I won’t lie, things get a bit weird at the end.

Also, there’s a specific word that Suzanne can’t say.

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