Dubland 83 | Live

Take a sweet room in Dublin City, pour in a large helping of Dublanders, stir in a sense of giddy anticipation, then add a knuckle of PJ Gallagher and a glob of Suzanne Kane and you’ve got yourself an electric atmosphere and an unreal night of hilarious tomfoolery. Dubland Live has happened, and it will go down in the annals as ‘a legend of a night’. Suzanne and PJ talk about influencers, animal facts, notions, the now infamous boxing story and they’re even joined on stage by an audience member with a defective life. In many ways, you had to be there, but in another, more real way, you didn’t because here it is, recorded with the magic of future (modern) technology for you to enjoy in your ear holes. Thank you, goodnight, and bow.

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