#70 | WHO’S WHO?

We’ve been waiting a long time for this glorious day and we weren’t disappointed. At last, it’s time to meet Daniella Fromage and Magenta Galaxy! Yes, Jessica has finally run out of boys at Sweet Valley High and has decided to expand her horizons by signing up to a computer dating agency and adopting two very different personas. Having borrowed some of the best outfits ever seen in Sweet Valley from Dana and some very Lucille Bluth ensembles from Suzanne, she starts dating alleged sophisticate Pierre and “goodlooking hard rocker” Brett – but no one is quite what they seem in this gloriously preposterous classic. Meanwhile Liz rightly realises she’s pretty dull and decides to adopt a new look of her own – non-permanent perm, anyone? All this and a Prince Albert cameo. It’s WHO’S WHO?

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