Poetry Call for Submissions | New Beginnings

HeadStuff invites poetry submissions for our Poem of the Week section. We are looking for new, unpublished work by Irish and international poets.

At HeadStuff we seek poems that engage, poems that nestle under the skin and linger long after they have been read. We are looking for poems that celebrate the ordinary and call attention to things overlooked. We want poetry that points to beauty in unlikely places, poems that make us pause and reconsider our point of view, or our place in the world. We want poems that shift perspectives. We are looking for poets that show a keen interest in words and a playfulness with language. Most of all we want poems that are well written. If you have a poem that is honest and well crafted, send it on, we’d love to read it.

Poetry Submissions:

Poetry Submissions
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
  • For this submission period we are looking for poems related to New Beginnings
  • Send up to four poems for consideration
  • We accept simultaneous submissions, just let us know if it is accepted elsewhere
  • Email submissions to [email protected], please include ‘Poem of the Week’ in the subject of your submission
  • All articles/poems should be submitted in .doc/,docx format
  • Recordings of poetry also accepted, but sound must be of a high quality. Please submit in the format you would like the poem to appear e.g. Soundcloud/Youtube video
  • Include in your submission your name, contact details and a brief bio

Deadline: 1st January 2020

Email: [email protected]

You can read previous Poems of the Week here.

Contributing Articles

If you would like to contribute Poetry Book Reviews/Interviews/Essays/Reviews on Poetry Performances/ or long form articles, please do get in touch. If you haven’t written for HeadStuff before send on a brief proposal first.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on future competitions and poetry submission opportunities.

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