Poem of the Week | Girl Frost and Nimbus by Jade Riordan

Girl Frost

by Jade Riordan


Imagine an autumn view:

I sit near the gauzy, sun-

chilled curtains, exhaling

clouds past the thin fabric.


Miniature nimbostrati cling 

to the blinds’ slats and afternoon-

condense on the window.

I trace a smile on the temporary, 


girl-made frost. O, for a gentle

moment, I can no longer see 

the world as it is, only as I have 

made it.

Jade Riordan


by Jade Riordan


Under a thimble of storm 

clouds, nothing matters

but the rain, so I become 

a steady, grey-eyed downpour 

then petrichor.

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Cover photo by Ozgu Ozden on Unsplash.

Centre photo by Nicola Anderson on Unsplash

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